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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager – English

24.500,00 kr

Are you an experienced test manager, and would you like to expand your skills with an internationally recognized certification in advanced test management? Do you want a deeper insight into the test process and learn how to choose the right test strategy? Do you want learn to support your team in implementing and carrying out tests in an effective way, so that value is created – regardless of whether you find yourself in a traditional or agile context?


“ISTQB Advanced Test Manager” is an intensive course that teaches you to define the overall goal of testing and to define a test strategy for the system under test. You will also gain insight into how to prepare test plans and schedules and ensure that your project has sufficient resources to complete the task.

As part of the course, you will also gain skills in relation to selecting, organizing and leading teams – to create a professional environment that ensures a motivated test team. The course also gives you a general insight into the role of the test manager with the responsibilities and tasks that come with it.



The course includes both theoretical reviews , practical exercises and discussions. Our teacher will try to engage the participants in the course with a focus on dialogue rather than on PowerPoint.

Course materials as well as the syllabus will be in English, and the course will be held in English as well.



  • Test processes
  • Test planning and control
  • Test analysis and design
  • Evaluation of exitcriteria and reporting
  • Test closure activities
  • Test management
  • Risk-based testing and other strategies for prioritization and allocation of resources
  • Test documentation and other work products
  • Estimation
  • Definition and use of test metrics
  • The business value of testing
  • Distributed, outsourced and insourced testing
  • Reviews
  • Management review and audit
  • Metrics for reviews
  • Defect management
  • Defect life cycle and software development life cycle
  • Defect reporting information
  • Assessment of process capability with defect report information
  • Test process improvement
  • Improvement of the test process
  • TMMI, TPI Next, CTP and STEP
  • Test tools and automation
  • Selection of tool
  • Life cycle of tools
  • Personal qualifications and setting up the test group
  • Individual qualifications
  • Dynamics in the test group
  • Test groups in larger organizations
  • Motivation
  • Communication


Target group

The course is tailored to test coordinators, test managers and other professionals responsible for carrying out test projects. It is a requirement that you have an ISTQB Foundation certification.