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Leading without formal authority

18.900,00 kr

Whether you are a new or experienced informal leader from outside Denmark or a specialist stepping into a new role, this training will help you to see the leadership part of your role and how to use it authentically, to strengthen your collaborative skills.


We will give you insights, tools and some practical training in how to be successful by finding your own informal way to drive results and collaboration – primarily in a Scandinavian organization.

The three days program will give you a solid foundation, whether you are new in your role or whether you have experience, and you will be sparring with others in similar roles.


Organizations need informal leaders to effectively execute strategy and get people to work together, using their leadership skills to create followers. Effective informal leaders play a vital role in organizations, often because they have a strong and independent network across teams and departments.



After the course you will have worked with the following subjects:

  • Motivation – now more about how to motivate different people
  • Insight into the principles of situational leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback – making a feedback culture flourish
  • Trust – how to increase trusting behavior
  • Handling of conflicts
  • Balancing leadership/management/expert in your role
  • Developing and working with at team
  • Understanding psychological safety


During the course

During the course, we will utilize a variety of teaching techniques to ensure an engaging learning experience. You can expect a well-balanced mix of classroom teaching, group training, and practical exercises. Our approach will include theoretical concepts, practical training, and in-depth discussions based on your everyday experiences as an informal leader.


Target participants

This course is designed for informal leaders who don't have their own staff but play a crucial role in managing tasks. Your role demands that other people in the organization (colleagues, managers, specialists, etc.) provide input to help you achieve your goals and complete your projects.

Whether you're a new or experienced informal leader, or a specialist in your field, this course will provide you with valuable insights into how effective leadership can enhance your informal leadership capabilities.

The job title may vary. You might be a project manager, product manager, specialist, subject matter expert, team leader, organizational consultant, HR consultant, marketing manager, key account manager, operation manager, team coordinator, business developer and more.


What will you get?

You will gain a clearer understanding for the informal leadership role, the complexity of the role, and how to see the strength in the role.

You will be provided with practical management tools and methods to work with your role to get people to go with you, followers.

You develop a clearer image of how you want to succeed in the role, how to improve trust, and you become better at prioritizing your time for management.

You will learn and train how to give constructive feedback, how to motivate and how to work more collaboratively.


What will your company get?

An informal leader with greater clarification on how to succeed in the role.
An informal leader with a clearer view on what the role contains, how to work it and how to use leadership skills to strengthen collaboration with others – in or outside the organization.
A better understanding of Scandinavian leadership culture and how to thrive in it.

%%%fL står for Center for Ledelse. Vi er et ledelseshus, og det betyder, at vi udbyder det fulde spektrum af ydelser, der skal til for at udvikle ledere og organisationer. Nu og i fremtiden.

CfLs formål er at løfte ledelseskvaliteten i Danmark, og det unikke ved CfL er, at vi er ejet medlemmerne. Alle virksomheder - private såvel som offentlige - kan blive medlem.

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