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Mastering version control with Git

11.000,00 kr

Gain a deep understanding of Git and learn how to make the most of it

Are you starting your journey into Git and want to get off the ground running? Have you moved to Git from a centralized version control system and feel that you are getting more complexity without reaping the benefits? Do you want a good understanding of distributed version control concepts and to gain the necessary skills to really succeed with Git?

Couse content:

  • An introduction to the concepts of Git and how it differs from older version control alternatives
  • Basic getting started with Git
  • A thorough introduction to the Git staging model
  • Git internals: Under the hood. A good understanding of the Git data model is the secret sauce that makes Git your long-lasting friend
  • Mastering branching and merging
  • Multiplayer Git - This is the part where you get your hands dirty with real collaboration exercises and gain practical experience in resolving merge conflicts.
  • Solving problems with Git and solving problems in Git
  • Mastering git log to dig through history
  • Advanced Git - Here we cover topics like Git stash, Git greps and other less frequent Git commands. Hooks and submodules can also be covered briefly if desired.
  • Meta Git - In this section we talk about topics surrounding Git, primarily various workflow models. The focus of this section can be adjusted depending on audience. Sometimes we look more extensively at Git tools and clients, other times we dive into the Continuous Delivery storyline and how Git ties into and supports this area

Course agenda of Mastering version control with Git
The course is run as instructor-led presentations of each topic followed by live demos, lab exercises or discussions.

The course is based on using the command line as this gives users the deepest understanding and knowledge that is easily portable to any graphical client. No prior experience with command-line and bash are really needed. You only need to bring a laptop with Git bash installed, and we will take care of the rest.
Attendees are welcome to bring questions or challenges from their own background.

Before the course
Ensure that Git bash is installed at your laptop and consider if you have any certain questions or challengers you wish to bring along.

During the course
Two days of training, both days from 9.00-16.00