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Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid

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Dette kursus er en samling af følgende Microsoft kurser:

  • MS3011 - Implementing SharePoint 2019 Infrastructure
  • MS3012 - Implementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications
  • MS3013 - Implementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
  • MS3014 - Migrating to SharePoint Online


Module 1: SharePoint Infrastructure

  • This module is about foundamental SharePoint Infrastructure. It describes the components in SharePoint farm. It also discusses how to install and configure SharePoint farm.
  • Lessons
  • Plan a SharePoint Farm
  • SharePoint 2019
  • Install and Manage SharePoint Farm Module 2: SharePoint Authentication and Security
  • This module is about SharePoint Authentication and Security. It introduces different authentication methods in SharePoint 2019.
  • Lessons
  • Plan Authentication
  • Configure Federated Authentication Module 3: SharePoint Content Management
  • This module is about SharePoint Content Management. It discusses the content structure in SharePoint. It also provides details on authorization and content access in SharePoint.
  • Lessons
  • SharePoint Content Structure Overview
  • Manage Access to Content
  • Manage Site Collections Module 4: Course Conclusion
  • Lab : Creating and configuring web applications Module 5: SharePoint Service Applications
  • This module is all about SharePoint service applications and workflow. It describes how to provision and manage a BCS service application and User Profile service application. Specifically, we discuss how to import and export BDC models as well as how to import user properties to SharePoint.
  • Lessons
  • SharePoint Service Applications and workflow
  • Plan and Configure Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Secure Store
  • Plan and Configure User Profiles Module 6: Plan and configure Managed Metadata
  • This module is about the integral functionalities, such as the Managed Metadata Service, content types, and term sets, that allow you to create and disseminate an information architecture. It introduces the purpose of content types as well as the concepts behind the managed metadata service, including taxonomies, term sets, and enterprise keywords.
  • Lessons
  • Manage Content Types
  • Managed Metadata
  • Configure the Managed Metadata Service Module 7: Plan and Configure Search
  • This module is about enterprose search service application. It provides details on planning and configuring content sources, crawl schedules, and crawl rules. It also discusses how to provision search management of a range of search components, such as Query Rules, Result Types and Display Templates.
  • Lessons
  • Plan enterprise search
  • Configure enterprise search
  • Manage enterprise search Module 8: Course Conclusion
  • Lab : Configuring Enterprise Search Module 9: Overview of SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
  • This module is all about planning SharePoint Server hybrid. It provides an overview of SharePoint hybrid scenarios as well as requirements for configuration.
  • Lessons
  • Overview of SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
  • Plan SharePoint Server hybrid Module 10: Implement SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
  • This module is focused on implementing SharePoint hybrid scenarios. Specifically, it discusses the hybrid configuration roadmaps, including the configuration of hybrid infrustrature and hybrid picker. It also introduces On-premises data gateway to enable using Office 365 feature in SharePoint Server 2019.
  • Lessons
  • Implement SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
  • Configure on-premises data gateway Module 11: Implement SharePoint Hybrid search
  • This module is focused on SharePoint hybrid search. It introduces different types of hybrid search, including cloud hybrid search and hybrid federated search. It explains how to set up hybrid search and configure search results.
  • Lessons
  • Overview of SharePoint hybrid search
  • Configure SharePoint Hybrid search Module 12: Course Conclusion
  • Lab : Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Module 13: Introduction of Migration
  • This module is all about planning the migration process to the cloud. It provides an overview of resources and tools to leverage during migration process.
  • Lessons
  • Migration Overview
  • Leveraging FastTrack and Partner Services Module 14: Migrating to SharePoint Online
  • This module is focused on using SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) to migrate content to the cloud. Specifically, it discusses the requirement and limitation of SPMT. It introduces different migration methods for different data source, such as file shares and SharePoint content.
  • Lessons
  • Prepare for migration
  • Migrate content to the cloud
  • Manage and monitor migration process Module 15: Course Conclusion
  • Lab : Migrating files to SharePoint Online