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Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork

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Dette kursus er en samling af følgende Microsoft kurser:

  • MS3001 - Managing Office 365 Content Services
  • MS3002 - Managing SharePoint Online
  • MS3003 - Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration
  • MS3004 - Enabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration


Module 1: Plan and Configure SharePoint Site Collection

  • This module is all about planning, configuring, and managing SharePoint site collections. It discusses how SharePoint administrators use SharePoint Admin Center to manage the lifecycle of site collections in your organization.
  • Lessons
  • SharePoint Online Overview
  • Configure site collection
  • Manage site collection Module 2: Configure and Manage OneDrive for Business
  • This module explains how to plan the deployment of OneDrive for Business. It discusses different approaches to deploy OneDrive for Business based on different scenarios. It also introduces the capabilities to manage content in OneDrive for Business.
  • Lessons
  • OneDrive for Business Overview
  • Deploy OneDrive for Business
  • Manage OneDrive for Business Module 3: Sharing, Security, and Monitoring in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • This module is focused on sharing, security, and monitoring in SharePoint and OneDrive. Specifically, we discuss planning and managing external sharing as well as access control in SharePoint and OneDrive. It also discusses how to use Office 365 Admin Center to monitor the activities in SharePoint online and OneDrive for Business.
  • Lessons
  • Manage sharing in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Manage security in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Monitor SharePoint and OneDrive Module 4: Course Conclusion
  • Lab : Creating and configuring site collection Module 5: Manage User Profiles and Apps
  • This module is about user profile and cusotmization in SharePoint Online. It discusses manage User Profiles in SharePoint Online. It also describes how to use the App Catalog to make custom business apps available for your SharePoint Online.
  • Lessons
  • Manage User Profiles
  • Plan and configure customizations and apps Module 6: Plan and Configure Managed Metadata and Business Connectivity
  • This module is about the Managed Metadata and Business Connectivity Services. It introduces the concepts of managed metadata as well as the process to import term sets. It also describes how to manage Business Connectivity Services and create external list.
  • Lessons
  • Plan and configure Managed Metadata
  • Plan and configure Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Secure Module 7: Plan and Configure Search
  • This module is about enterprose search service application. It provides details on planning and configuring content sources, crawl schedules, and crawl rules. It also discusses how to provision search management of a range of search components, such as Query Rules, Result Types and Display Templates.
  • Lessons
  • Overview of search in SharePoint Online
  • Manage search Module 8: Course Conclusion
  • Lab : Import term sets Module 9: Plan a Microsoft Teams Deployment
  • This module is all about planning for Microsoft Teams. It discusses how users will authenticate to use Teams to best practices for deploying teams in your organization.
  • Lessons
  • Getting Started with Teams
  • Deploying Teams
  • Teams and Channels
  • Authentication and Access Module 10: Configure Microsoft Teams
  • This module explains how to set up and configure Microsoft Teams. It discusses the use of tabs, bots and connectors in Teams. It introduces concepts related to managing meetings in Teams.
  • Lessons
  • Set up Microsoft Teams in Office 365
  • Apps in Microsoft Teams
  • Meetings in Teams
  • Lab : Configuring Microsoft Teams Module 11: Manage the Teams Environment
  • This module is focused on managing Microsoft Teams. Specifically, we discuss security and compliance as well as privacy and data governance. While this course does not cover voice calling explicitly this module discusses quality of service-related topics.
  • Lessons
  • Privacy and Governance
  • Security and Compliance
  • Management and Reporting Module 12: Evaluating Office 365 Collaboration Workloads
  • Office 365 includes many features that can be used to build collaboration solutions. The core component for building collaboration solutions is SharePoint Online, but other features such as Yammer and Stream can also be used. You need to understand how SharePoint Online and other Office 365 features compare with third-party solutions when designing your solution. You also need to be able to analyze business requirements to ensure that your solution meets business needs.
  • Lessons
  • Evaluating available technological tools
  • Analyzing business requirements Module 13: Planning and Developing Governance
  • Successful deployment and management of information technology (IT) requires a consistent and well-defined methodology. Governance is the processes that you follow to define the policies and procedures for deploying and managing IT, including collaboration solutions. You need to consider governance for application management, user adoption, change management, and monitoring.
  • Lessons
  • Developing Governance for digital transformation
  • Implementing application management governance
  • User adoption and change management
  • Monitoring collaboration solutions Module 14: Managing Office 365 collaboration workloads
  • In Office 365, there are many apps and features that you can use for collaboration. You need to understand how to configure these apps and features to meet the needs of your organization. In this module, you will learn about management of Office 365 groups, Power BI, Microsoft Stream, Yammers, Flow, and PowerApps.
  • Lessons
  • Managing Office 365 collaboration workloads
  • Managing Stream capabilities
  • Managing Yammer capabilities
  • Managing Flow and PowerApps capabilities