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Dynamics 365 (CRM) Customization and Configuration

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Dette kursus giver dig værktøjerne til at tilpasse og konfigurere en Dynamics 365 CRM implementering. Fokus er på brugen og forståelsen for, hvordan platform værktøjerne kan bruges til at tilpasse bruger-interfacet, automatisere opgaver og andre tilpasningsmuligheder.


  • How to successfully configure specific application features such as auto-numbering, data management, and CRM’s collaboration features.
  • Provide guidance on the designing a CRM security model including configuration of Business Units, Security Roles, Users, and Teams.
  • Using CRM’s security model to control access to data, features, and functions.
  • How to create, package, manage, and deploy specific Dynamics CRM customization through solutions.
  • Creating and maintaining custom entities, and custom fields based on specific needs.
  • Working with specialized fields such as calculated and rollup fields.
  • How to use CRM’s different relationship types to configure how related records work together.
  • Creating and editing customized forms, as well as how to configure specialized components on them such as sub-grids, and quick views.
  • How to apply Portable Business Logic control how users interact with specific data on forms and entities.
  • Exploring the different tools available for creating specific views, charts, and dashboards based on specific needs.
  • Provide an overview of the different processes that are available in Dynamics CRM and when each process type should be used.
  • How to create Business Process Flows that assist in capturing specific data based on a specific business process weather, it includes one or Multiple CRM entities.
  • How to bring all the individual topics covered together and apply them into one completed solution.