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Migrate Servers to Azure

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This course teaches IT professionals how to discover, assess, plan and implement a migration of on-premises resources and infrastructure to Azure. Students will learn how to use Azure Migrate to perform the discovery and assessment phase that is critical to a successful migration. Students will also learn how to use Azure Site Recovery for performing the actual migration of workloads to Azure. The course focuses primarily on using ASR on a Hyper-V infrastructure to prepare and complete the migration process. In addition, students learn about other scenarios, such as migration of VMware vSphere Hypervisor virtual machines and System Center VMM Hyper-V machines. After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Use Azure Migrate to discover and assess on-premises virtual machine migration to Azure.
  • Use Azure Site Recovery to migrate Hyper-V infrastructures to Azure.
  • Review migration strategies for VMWare and System Center VMM virtual machines. Dette kursus er en del af det samlede 4-dags kurset AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security, som forbereder dig til test og certificeringen ”Azure Administrator Associate”. Hvis du vælger kun at deltage pÃ¥ denne del af det samlede kursus, skal du være ekstra opmærksom pÃ¥ forudsætningerne.
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Module 1: Managing Azure Active Directory

  • In this module, you will be introduced to Azure migration projects and specifically Azure Migrate. Azure Migrate will be your tool of choice for automated server discovery and workload sizing. You will step through the process of using Azure Migrate to create a project, create a collector, assess machine readiness, and estimate cost.
  • Lessons
  • Overview of Cloud Migration
  • Azure Migrate: The Process Module 2: Azure Site Recovery
  • In this module, you will be introduced to Azure Site Recovery (ASR). ASR will be your primary tool for migrating workloads to Azure. You will learn which scenarios are most appropriate for ASR and the features that the product provides. You will also learn how to use the ASR deployment planner to ensure your infrastructure is ready for migration. Lastly, you will walk through the process of implementing ASR on a Hyper-V infrastructure.
  • Lessons
  • Overview of ASR
  • Preparing the Infrastructure
  • Completing the Migration Process Module 3: Additional Migration Scenarios
  • In this module, you will complete your study of Azure migration by looking at two different migration scenarios. In the first scenario you will see how to migrate VMware vSphere Hypervisor virtual machines to Azure using ASR. In the second video series we will migrate System Center VMM Hyper-V machines.
  • Lessons
  • VMWare Migration
  • System Center VMM Migration: Video Walkthrough